Zephyr Real Estate was established in 1978 by four scrappy real estate agents who were ready to go out on their own. Since that time, it’s grown to a company with six offices, two affiliate brokers in Sonoma County and over 300 agents. And although it’s gotten bigger, it maintains it’s limber entrepreneurial spirit, allowing agents a chance to make their own stamp.

I started at the company in 1994, leaving the architecture world. At that time, Zephyr had two offices and approximately 60 agents. I remembering interviewing with three other brokerages; Zephyr stood out by far and I have never left: and never considered leaving.

The management support to its agents is amazing. Any manager in one of our six offices will step up and help you whenever you call, as will Zephyr’s general manager. It’s that support that maintains loyalty.

As for the agents, there is a camaraderie that is undeniable. In the same way that management will step in, so will other agents. Willing to lend a hand, give you an opinion on a situation, or help price a listing.

That spirit extends to Zephyr’s contribution to the community. Many of us have pet non-profit projects, to which Zephyr gladly promotes and contributes.

Zephyr backs me up so that I can be the best I can be.