What happened to my car?

According to the parking guru, there is a little known law in San Francisco that cars parked for over 72 hours in one spot on the street, even if it is parked legally with a neighborhood sticker, is considered abandoned.  Worse yet, the car won’t just sit in the impound lot indefinitely, it will get auctioned off!

Perhaps you’ve gotten lucky and not been towed and impounded after having parked for more than 3 days.  This is generally because DPT doesn’t always enforce it unless the car stands out in some way; being stripped, burned, or stolen.  A disgruntled neighbor can also report the car, so be careful not to block those driveways!

If you are going to leave your car for more than three days in a row, make sure you park it off street, or have a friend watch out for it and/or move it to avoid that nasty surprize!