Water Pipe Leaks West Portal

This was sent to me through the Greater West Portal Neighborhood Association.  If water pipe leaks in the West Portal Area have affected you, please contact below.

Dear Neighbors,

CBS 5 is looking into a long series of water pipe leaks along the L
Taraval line. Residents have had to make costly repairs to pipes between the street and their homes, often multiple times. It’s possible these unusual instances of corrosion in copper pipes are due to stray current from the MUNI LRV’s.

Since we began investigating this issue in 2007, the city has been
reluctant to release information related to their own investigation,
and has most recently told us their probe was “inconclusive” and
that there is no written report. However, officials say letters went
out to about 200 households in the area asking if they had trouble, and inviting them to request help. The city says only 1 household responded. We have not found anyone so far who received this letter.

Have you received such a letter? Or, have you filed a claim for water pipe work? Or, have you received any compensation? Or, have you had to pay for your own repairs?

If so, please contact CBS 5 Producer Abby Sterling at 415-765-8972 or asterling@kpix.cbs.com.

Thank you.