Presidio Pet Cemetery-work above!

Until I saw this story on Curbed, I had forgotten all about the Pet Cemetery in the Presidio.  From a shear logistics perspective, protecting the cemetery and building a major road way above it, is a huge undertaking and coordination effort.  Be sure to check out the article to see the pictures-they are awesome.

I think it’s great that the cemetery is being protected!  SF Curbed story

A jewel of a neighborhood

I got inspired to keep my eyes after finding that wonderful home in the 2400 Block of Pacific at Christmas time.  Since then, I’ve been keeping my camera handy and my eyes open as I drive around SF-usually on Tuesday Tour.

Last week, I found a little traveled part of Pacific Avenue at Lyon and down towards Presidio. Interestingly, I don’t recall ever having been on this part of Pacific.

Pacific at Presidio looking West

There are some unusual homes and the best part, is that Pacific actually parallels the Presidio green belt.  That was really fun to find something new!  Worth checking out when you are out and about.

3130 Pacific-very East Coast looking to me
3200 block of Pacific-another one breaks the Pacific Heights mold
Pacific at Walnut-homes only on one side-but face the Presidio