A really nice remodel shapes up in the Castro

I’m a construction geek; I can’t help it.  Here’s some beautiful concrete work.

Most people won’t appreciate this, but I am posting it anyway.  I visited a client at he and his wife’s home the other day to check on the progress of their huge remodel.  I’ll post some progress pictures as they go.  What struck me today was the beautiful concrete work on this retaining wall.

Eric Castongia To fully appreciate it, you really need to see it.  If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that not only is the new retaining wall tall (probably 12 or so feet), so is the one right above it!  These walls support a very steep hill and a large two unit building right above! Congratulations Bea and Will on a great project!

Holiday lights and decorations-Noe, Castro, Corona Heights

Spent Christmas Eve Eve in search of holiday lights and decorations.  Here are some great ones.  Merry Christmas!

There weren’t many homes with lights, but in general, the ones that were decorated, were pretty over the top. The west side of town seemed to have more.  Another installment on West of Twin Peaks findings.

Castro St across from Davis Hospital-over the top
45 Upper Terrace-a little ginger bread by day
45 Upper Terrace-a little ginger bread at night
3600 block 21st St.-day time
3600 block 21st St at night-this photo doesn’t do it any justice!