What to do in a power outage

 You may remember the days of rolling black outs; geographic areas where the power is cut temporarily to give relief to the electric grid when there isn’t enough power.

There’s a cool website where you can be notified in advance of a burdening on the system so you can take action, turning down the power usage to help avoid the rolling black outs.

Go to FYPower.org to sign up for feeds AND get information on energy saving programs, appliances and rebates.

Spare the air

 I’ve noticed in recent years that Spare the Air Alerts are happening a lot more often-that’s when air quality is poor and people are encouraged to stay indoors and reduce poluting activities such as driving and burning fires in the fireplace.

Rather than wait til it comes on the news, you can find out in advance by signing up for Spare the Air Alerts via email or phone.

Go to SparetheAir.org  to sign up and find out when not to use fireplaces, when your car should be left at home. Winter Spare the Air season runs from Nov. 1 to the end of February, although, occasionally, a Spare the Air event can occur outside those dates.

The best solution is to be thoughtful about air polluting activities everyday, by cutting down on car trips, carpooling, taking public transit and reducing the use of fireplaces.