South of Market Residence-Part Deux

Here’s part two (and final for now) of my obsession with loft like homes in SOMA, here’s another building at 1074 Folsom that I found during my recent commercial property search.

1074 Folsom Exterior

The building is not currently available-having been withdrawn from the market in 2010, but it’s been my experience, that occasionally, a property that doesn’t sell at one point, may be still be available when the right buyer comes along.


The listing detail claims a square footage of approximately 3900 and when listed was $1,250,000.  Architecturally a really cool building with lots of opportunity.  As with any commercial building, cash is king.  If you need a mortgage, you need to count on a down payment of between 35 and 55 percent.

Previously listed by HC&M Commercial Properties


South of Market Home

A new obsession.  A Dan Tanna type warehouse home.  Remember that show?  Robert Urich was a Private Eye, the show was ‘Vegas’.  He drove a vintage Thunderbird and parked in his living room.

Well, that came to mind when I ran across 765 Clementina when I was looking through commercial listings for a client. I have to admit, it hadn’t occurred to me to look for residential listings under commercial.

765 Clementina Exterior

This is most definitely unusual, and while you can’t drive your car into the living room, the room itself is a very spacious loft-type space-one of the few spaces I’ve seen in 16 years of selling real estate that you can fit extremely comfortably with plenty of left over space, a grand piano.  The second floor has those really cool arched windows you can see on the front.  A roof deck is the outdoor space for the building.

765 Clementina-Loft-like space

Listed for $1,150,000, the building was sold to the current owner in 2009 for $820,000.  Since that time, the current owner has undertaken some major remodeling.

Available to see by appointment.

Listed by Lynnea Key Realty