A really nice remodel shapes up in the Castro

I’m a construction geek; I can’t help it.  Here’s some beautiful concrete work.

Most people won’t appreciate this, but I am posting it anyway.  I visited a client at he and his wife’s home the other day to check on the progress of their huge remodel.  I’ll post some progress pictures as they go.  What struck me today was the beautiful concrete work on this retaining wall.

Eric Castongia To fully appreciate it, you really need to see it.  If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that not only is the new retaining wall tall (probably 12 or so feet), so is the one right above it!  These walls support a very steep hill and a large two unit building right above! Congratulations Bea and Will on a great project!

Trader Joes in the Castro

March 15th update

Apparently it is over now.  Trader Joe’s has decided not to pursue the Castro location any longer.  What a shame. That would have been a great addition for the ‘hood.  I found this out on a Curbed posting.

Below is the posting that I put up before the info above.


Just saw tonight that Trader Joe’s is still trying to open in the old Tower Records space at Market and Noe.

Market St. Trader Joe’s?

On Valentine’s day, a presentation by Trader Joe’s was made to the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association to alleviate concerns over parking and traffic generated from the store.  No mention of what impact Radio Shack is (if at all) continuing to have on the store opening.  Previous reports indicated that Radio Shack staying in their current space was the deal breaker in negotiations.

A planning commission hearing could happen in April.

One point in the article was that Trader Joe’s would not provide the Human Rights Campaign information on their LGBT Policies.  That seems more an issue in my mind, given the location in the Castro, and that San Francisco has rules binding companies operating in San Francisco to have pro-LGBT policies.

Here’s the article from the Bay Area Reporter, via Socketsite



Holiday lights and decorations-Noe, Castro, Corona Heights

Spent Christmas Eve Eve in search of holiday lights and decorations.  Here are some great ones.  Merry Christmas!

There weren’t many homes with lights, but in general, the ones that were decorated, were pretty over the top. The west side of town seemed to have more.  Another installment on West of Twin Peaks findings.

Castro St across from Davis Hospital-over the top
45 Upper Terrace-a little ginger bread by day
45 Upper Terrace-a little ginger bread at night
3600 block 21st St.-day time
3600 block 21st St at night-this photo doesn’t do it any justice!

Trader Joes not moving into old Tower Records

No longer the site for Trader Joe’s-who won here?

This is really a shame.  After all this time, Trader Joe’s has given up on opening a store at the old Tower Records site in the Castro.  Too many hurtles, despite their best efforts.  Radio Shack wouldn’t move and now the Planning Department is making it difficult.  Just what we need-another vacant store front and a building owner in trouble. Who won here?

Socketsite post

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in the Castro-and parking!

14 Ford, San Francisco

There is a lot on the market now, but not much new stuff.  This last Tuesday, I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed with the offerings.  The house at 14 Ford was the exception to this feeling.  Fabulous location, loads of potential and a great price at $1,098,000.  A three bedroom, two bathroom house in the Castro-and parking!

The upstairs could use some reconfiguration in my humble opinion, but it’s not impending.  You could live very comfortably in this house and take on some remodeling over many years.

Ford is a quiet one block street.  It’s tremendously located near the Castro, Mission and public transit. Really well-priced AND in a popular price range, this house will sell quickly when so many others are sitting on the market.

Listed by Herth Real Estate

December 2010 update

The home sold with multiple offers at $1,325,000