Proposed new homes on Alamo Square

Finally, a rendering of the proposed ‘Painted Gentlemen’ that are to be built on Alamo Square, in the next block to the Painted Ladies.

Rendering via Socketsite

The white building to the right is 940 Grove; part of which will be torn down to accommodate the new homes.  It’s the non-historic part, so nothing lost there.

Seems the developer is getting the green light from the Planning Department, now it’s up the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission.

I’m assuming the rendering shows massing only and does not give an indication of detail giving the homes scale and substance.  The proposed homes should really help clean up that block of Steiner.  Kudos to the developers.

Painted Gentlemen progress

 A few weeks ago, driving on Steiner Street, I saw that there was progress where the ‘Painted Gentlemen’ are proposed.  The Painted Gentlemen are the companions to the Painted Ladies famously pictured in San Francisco post cards across from Alamo Square.  The old buildings are gone and ready for development.

Then today when looking through Multiple Listings, I see that the three lots and the large home on the corner are all for sale.  They are entitled, meaning you can buy the lots and take over the plans and build them yourself.

FYI, the right to build, won’t come cheap.  The lots range in price from $1,250,000 to $1,500,000 and the house at 940 Grove is $3,000,000.

The painted ladies of Alamo Square finally getting a date

I was driving by the Painted Ladies on Steiner Street the other day.  I got to the corner of Grove Street where the HUGE white house (which has been a school for years) on the corner is and saw spray painted on the retaining wall: 802, 804, 808.  I though what the heck?  Something’s going on-that’s not random enough for graffiti.

Post card row. 722 Steiner on the left most corner is on the market now

Well, here’s what’s going on I found out via SF Curbed.  The painted ladies are finally getting a date.  There are 3 Painted Gentlemen joining the 7 ladies on post card row.  Given San Francisco, I’m sure there are some women that would agree-7 women, 3 men.

Part of building at the corner of Grove and Steiner is getting demolished, making way for three new single family homes-dubbed ‘The Painted Gentlemen’.

No pictures or drawings yet of what is proposed.  The area where they will be built is to the left of this photo.  Grove Street is on the left most portion of this picture. 722 Steiner (in green) is currently on the market.  The homes would be across the Street.

Here’s the blurb on Curbed.