District 6

Overall flavor

The most famous neighborhood in this district is Hayes Valley. It is hip, has great shops and restaurants and is well located at the center of the City for convenient freeway and public transportation access. This area is also near City Hall, the Symphony and the Opera. At one time, the Western Addition was quite toney; during the mid 1960’s the area went through a transformation, which included destroying and moving many Victorian homes, as well as displacing residents.

Urban or suburban

At the center of the city, and a bit closer to downtown, this area is considered urban.

Highlights/interesting tid bits

Home to the Painted Ladies on Alamo Square with the City Skyline in the background, as well as the ‘Full House’ house on Broderick St. Also be sure to visit Japantown for some wonderful food and the Cherry Blossom festival in April. St. Mary’s Cathedral is in this area as well; it is both loved and hated architecturally, as it looks like a washing machine agitator, as well as requiring the destruction/removal of many Victorians to build it.


A wide variety from late 1800’s to contemporary, most of the housing stock is from the 1910’s to the 1940’s.

Housing stock

Some single-family homes, but mostly larger condo buildings, and a concentration of multi-unit apartment buildings. Most housing is in a rowhouse configuration, which looks attached.


Commercial area

Geary, Divisadero, Gough, Hayes, Post.


North Panhandle, Jefferson Square, Duboce Park, Alamo Square


Public transportation – buses

Private transportation – Access to Highway 101 is not far, but requires vehicle access on surface streets to access. Rush hour can get congested.


Is generally difficult.