District 4

Overall flavor

Another area with a large differential in home prices and for its fog. West Portal is a wonderful commercial hub with great restaurants and public transportation access. The area was part of Rancho San Miguel, a Mexican Land Grant, prior to its development in the early 1900’s. The West Portal Tunnel made this outlying area accessible and increased San Francisco’s area significantly, known in San Francisco as Western Neighborhoods, or Outside Lands.

Urban or suburban

Considered suburban by San Francisco standards.

Highlights/interesting tid bits

Home to three of San Francisco’s seven hills; Twin Peaks, Mt Davidson and Mt Sutro.
Diamond Heights is known mostly for its condos, although there are single family homes up there as well. The ‘newer’ part of the neighborhood, it was largely built in the 1960-70’s, as a city redevelopment area. Also of interest, Westwood Park is most notably known as being a racing track prior to its development, which can be experienced in the oval layout of the neighborhood.


Many homes built in the 1920’s to the 60’s. The architecture includes Mediterranean and ‘Brady Bunch’ Contemporary.

Housing stock

There is a variety of housing stock from modest to grand, affordable to expensive– houses both detached and row houses. In older areas of the neighborhood, there is sprinkling of condominiums and multi-unit rental buildings.

Commercial area

The main shopping areas are West Portal Avenue, Diamond Heights, Ocean Ave, and Tower Market Center.


Mt. Davidson, Glen Park


Public transportation, buses and street cars

Private transportation – Highway 1 runs along one side and Interstate 280 on another. Access to Marin, the Peninsula and the East Bay.

Limited tech buses connecting to the Peninsula


Is mostly easier, except in commercial areas.