District 3

Overall flavor

There is a large price differential between sub-neighborhoods as well as housing in district 3. East of 19th Ave. (Highway 1) and South of Ocean Ave. is the more affordable section, although that is changing rapidly. On the West side of 19th Ave., you’ll find more expensive, detached single family homes.

Pine Lake Park, adjacent to Stern Grove, is known for its Parkside-like detached homes with higher prices. This district is also home to Stonestown Mall (the Lakeside Area), and is considered suburban, with its tailored, traditional, detached homes.

Urban or suburban

Considered suburban by San Francisco standards.

Highlights/interesting tid bits

The neighborhood is home to Stern Grove, which has a summer music series, free to the public. It also houses San Francisco State, located near Stonestown and the exclusive Olympic Club.


Many homes built in the 1930’s to the 50’s. The architecture includes Mediterranean and Post-War Contemporary.

Housing stock

There is a variety of housing stock – houses both detached and row houses, condominiums and a sprinkling of multi-unit rental buildings. There is a large rental community called Park Merced at the end of 19th Ave. that towers above the neighborhood – this area is planned for further, development, making it even more densely populated.

Commercial area

The main shopping areas are Ocean Ave. (the main commercial area, with a Whole Foods), Lakeshore Plaza and Stonestown Mall. For a bonus, make sure to check out the H-Mart at Oceanview Terrace; it’s a wonderful Korean Market.


Stern Grove, Harding Park, Lake Merced, Fort Funston, San Francisco Zoo


Public transportation – buses and street cars

There is a hidden gem of transportation at the Oceanview Terrace condominiums; behind the building and across the street, is Daly City BART, which makes the commute to Downtown and the East Bay super easy.

Private transportation – Highway 1 runs through and Interstate 280 is adjacent. Access to Marin, the Peninsula and the East Bay.

Limited tech buses connecting to the Peninsula


Is mostly difficult depending on how dense the area is.