District 11

Overall flavor

The largest part of this district is Daly City. A lot of this district was built at the same time, so it has a tract flavor that is specific to certain areas. Most of the area is considered more a more foggy portion of the Bay Area. Westlake is probably the most well-known and sought-after part of Daly City; the homes are detached and 1960’s sheik. Crown Colony is a large condominium complex that has a shuttle service that goes to BART. Original Daly City is older; I consider it an extension of the Southern edge of San Francisco, along Crocker Amazon in District 10.

Urban or suburban

This district is considered Suburban.

Highlights/interesting tid bits

Colma is known for having more dead inhabitants than living ones; it is where the cemeteries were moved from San Francisco. Brisbane is probably the most bohemian and little-known part of the district and is a quaint little town worth knowing; the population doubles during the day, as workers come into the industrial parks.


A mixed bag from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. The older portions are Original Daly City and Brisbane. The remaining portion is largely built in the 1950’s to today.

Housing stock

Housing is largely single-family homes, except for Crown Colony in Daly City (a condominium development) and Mission Blue in Brisbane, which has a mixture of single families and condominiums. In older areas, the homes are rowhouse style, side by side; newer sections are detached.

Commercial areas

El Camino Real/Mission St., Westlake Shopping Center, Downtown Brisbane, Serramonte Mall, Gellert Blvd.


San Bruno Mountain, various city parks throughout the communities,


Private vehicular access is the easiest way to get around, although both Daly City and Colma have BART stations with commuter parking lots.

SamTrans Buses are available throughout the district.

CalTrain has a stop in Brisbane, which links San Francisco all the way to Gilroy.


Ranges from easy to difficult depending on the density of the area.