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Maximizing property value – for
both sellers & buyers…

Most properties need some level of preparation before going on the market. It could be as easy as clean up and ‘pre-moving’, to a significant fluff to increase the property’s value.

In my previous life, I practiced architecture, and have developed an eye for taking a property to the next level. I’ve also done quite of bit of remodeling, so I have some great local resources.

Working with both buyers and sellers means I understand what each considers important. Consequently, it helps inform what projects/repairs could be done to prepare a home for sale without spending money unnecessarily.

For buyers, this process is property specific, so we’ll look at property with an eye toward things others prospective buyers may not envision, that will increase value in the future.

My first meeting with sellers identifies the items that are most in need of attention. We’ll come up with a scope of work, rank what’s most important, and get bids. Once we have a budget, priorities can be set and a timeline established.

I help sellers rank priorities based on:

  • The current market dynamics
  • What will get them the most return for their investment
  • What a prospective buyer will most value
  • The time needed to perform the work, as well as contractor availability
  • Timing of the market
  • How long the property will be under construction/preparation

I find most clients have their own to-do list of projects; I encourage you NOT to execute your to-do list before our meeting so that you don’t spend money unnecessarily. The list we collaborate on, will have an emphasis on prioritizing work that will get you the most bang for the buck. Part of our conversation will take into account likely sale price ranges based on work proposed.

Please reach out to me with questions to discuss your situation and let’s see how I can help.

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636 Skyline Blvd, Daly City, CA (SFD-moderate preparation)

My clients had an unexpected passing in the family and wanted to move faster on this property.  It hadn’t had a lot done to it over the years and needed a good clean up. Read More

629 Lakeview, San Francisco (SFD-moderate preparation)

My clients had purchased this property some years ago.  Life changed and the property got rented.  When the tenants moved out, the clients decided it was time to move out of the city.  Read More

273 Minerva, San Francisco (SFD-significant preparation)

I represented my clients as buyers for this home years ago. Time marched on and a few of the repairs they planned to make didn’t happen by the time they wanted to move out of state.  Read More

156 Guerrero St., San Francisco (Condo, small HOA-moderate preparation)

I had sold this condo to my clients many years prior.  Although they had done significant work to the home, it was very personal, so we simplified and showed its best assets. Read More

240 Lombard #834, San Francisco (Condo, large HOA-significant preparation)

My clients contacted me about selling their condo, because I had just sold a unit in the building.  There had been several units on the market that hadn’t sold and mine had, so they thought I must know something to make it happen.  Read More

445-7 Noe St., San Francisco (4-Units-moderate preparation)

An associate and I got this listing as a referral from a real estate agent.  The owner lived out of the area and hadn’t been in the property in many years.  It had several longer-term tenants and needed repairs.  Read More

3090 Market St., San Francisco (2-Unit-significant preparation)

An associate and I worked on this building together.  I was brought in because it was a pretty complex coordination of primary residence sale, 1031 exchange, tenant coordination and property preparation.  Read More