Like Limn Furniture? Harder to find-but in the same building

An earlier version of SF Curbed stated that Limn has closed.  At least closed their SOMA location. (which I find out is not true-see below update).  At the time of that posting, no one seems sure what happened to them.  The original Limn showroom has been replace with H.D. Buttercup, a Southern California Furniture store with much smaller price tags.

Dec. 1, 2010 update:

Limn has not closed it’s doors.  It has greatly reduced it’s floor space, but is actually still in the same building at 290 Townsend, 2nd Flr.  The economy has been brutal on the retailer, so they went from 50,000 sf, to 12,000.  So, Limn is still available for oogling!

I have to admit I’d only been in Limn a few times, and think the first time was an earlier location.  I was astounded by the prices and there wasn’t anything in there that I would have taken out a second mortgage to get.  If the new store gives interesting furniture options for semi-reasonable prices-more power to them.

Here’s a blurb on them from

Here’s the SF Chronicle article