Laws affecting the sale of your property

There are numerous codes, statutes and laws governing the transfer of Real Property.  Some are quite easy to handle, while others have implications that can be catastrophic if not handle correctly.  Your real estate professional should assist you understanding and complying with each law.

San Francisco City Requirements

  • Energy & Water Conservation
  • Report of Residential Record
  • Hazardous Waste Disclosure
  • Smoke Detector and Water Heater Ordinance
  • Rent Control Ordinance
  • Underground Storage Tank Disclosure and remediation if necessary
  • Sewer lateral where required

Federal Requirements

  • Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act

State Requirements

  • Seismic Hazards Mapping Act
  • Earthquake Safety Disclosure/Hazards Report
  • Real Estate Agency Relationships Disclosure
  • Real Estate Transfer Disclosure
  • Environmental Hazards Disclosure
  • Condominium Disclosures
  • California Real Estate Withholding

Prudent things to do

  • Order a CLUE report to disclose any insurance claims that may have been made
  • Have a pre-sale structural pest inspection performed on the property
  • Consider other pre-sale inspections such as: sewer, furnace, roof and fireplace