Kezar Recycling Center finally closing?

March 4th is supposed to be the last day for the recycling center near Kezar Stadium in the Inner Sunset.

Mayor Ed Lee has agreed to allow the Parks and Recreation Department to close the center which has been a sore spot for neighbors for years.  Since the fight has been on-going, whether the center will actually close on the 4th of March when their lease is up is unresolved. The story from Curbed SF

I’ve been using that center for over 20 years.  My experience is different than neighbors of course.  To me, the center looks well run, clean and hidden from the street.  I can imagine that the noise from the center all day and on weekends, and the lines of homeless people with carts of recycling for redemption can wear out even the most liberal of people.

I certainly hope that if this center has to go, the city will find a place for it to go.  The center is very convenient to get and out of and centrally located.