Getting the scoop

With cell service or an internet connection, the amount of information at our fingertips is absolutely staggering. It’s great for directions, quick questions, finding restaurants and even home sale searches, but when dealing with legal and financial decisions, expect the information to only graze the surface. Expect to get a general understanding of the process and the market, but then look to an expert to work through the scenarios specific to your situation. I can help with:

  • Sorting out the information that applies to your situation.
  • What’s happening in our hyper-local market. Is there a back story? Or is the story tilted?
  • Establishing any outside issues that may affect you, for example geography, financing or neighborhood.
  • Sorting through the various property types indicative of San Francisco, for instance TIC, co-op and condo.
  • Providing quality referrals to professionals such as attorneys, accountants, plumbers, electricians, contractors and landscapers. Ask me, my resource list is continually growing.

The West Portal/Inner Parkside Real Estate Update

Third Quarter 2017 Market Update By Eric Castongia, Zephyr Real Estate At the end...
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Christmas Tree Regulations in San Francisco

What to do with that Christmas tree when you are done with it Natural...
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Vote NO on Prop G on Nov. 4th

  This coming Tuesday, please vote. If you are going to vote on one...
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Why I love working at Zephyr Real Estate

Zephyr is a fantastic place to work; this is just one of the many...
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Unclaimed property with your name on it

Check with the State Controller for unclaimed funds There may be some unclaimed money...
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The best closet I’ve ever seen

I was out on broker’s tour in Daly City, CA a few months ago...
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Disposing of unwanted medication

Got this in the SFEnvironment Newsletter put out by the City and County of...
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West Portal Fire Stirs memories

 The fire at 1 West Portal a few weeks ago stirred some strong memories...
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Getting towed in San Francisco

Watch out!  There are some no parking signs out there that may not mean...
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Keep your neighborhood vibrant

I have found that most people, in selecting the location of their homes, pick...
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Opting out of online newsletters

At a real estate social media event last week, I was introduced to some...
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Mistakes Real Estate Agents make

Looking for a house myself has certainly been a sobering experience.   It’s also been...
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