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Greater West Portal Neighborhood Association needs you

‘Decisions are made by those who show up’; that statement couldn’t be more true.   Your neighborhood association, The Greater West Portal Neighborhood Association (GWPNA) needs you.  Charged with maintaining the character of our neighborhood, GWPNA steering committee members vet out both sides of an issue; the one thing too often missing is comment from the greater neighborhood; that’s where you come in.

In existence since 1973, the group meets monthly to discuss neighborhood issues, which are forums for discussion and open to the public.  Regulars at the meetings are our District Supervisor, a representative from the Taraval Police Station and the West Portal Merchants Association, keeping us informed of current and upcoming issues.  A typical special presentation might include a developer coming to present their ideas for projects, others might include a political candidate presenting their platform hoping for support, or neighbors bringing issues and concerns for us to weigh in with support and/or recommendations.

Lucky for us there are many long time members bringing their years of experience on many neighborhood issues.  Because of this continuity, GWPNA enjoys respect at City Hall and with other neighborhood groups.   To stay connected with other neighborhood groups, delegates from GWPNA visit organizations such as the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods (CSFN) and the West of Twin Peaks Central Council (WTPCC) to both give reports on our issues and report back on happenings in other neighborhoods that may impact us; this back and forth communication being a critical component in staying informed and maintaining a great neighborhood experience.

Some of the recent issues have included:

  • The types of businesses we want to see/support on West Portal Avenue
  • Impact of proposed developments on the West Portal area with the proposed developments at Arden Wood, SF State, Park Merced and Stonestown
  • Are there too many financial institutions on West Portal Ave?
  • Are there too many office buildings on West Portal Ave?
  • What impact will the Market/Octavia plan on have on West Portal?
  • What impact will the city’s transit-first policy have on West Portal?

I’ve been a steering committee member for sometime now; the catalyst that got me involved was the proposed Arden Wood development.  As a neighbor to the proposed project, I wanted to make sure I both knew what was going on AND had my opportunity to shape the outcome.  That’s really what a neighborhood association is about.  Giving your input, helping mold the outcome and taking a stake in your neighborhood.  If people don’t get involved, how can they get upset when things don’t go as they would like them?

As with all groups, new blood is continually needed to encourage healthy debate.  It’s amazing how differing opinions can help bring to light all perspectives.  Meetings are generally the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at 139 Lenox, over the MUNI station and adjacent to the West Portal School playground.  To confirm meeting times, visit

Greater West Portal Neighborhood Association needs you.

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