‘Fixer’ in Parnassus Heights

This week on tour, there were a few places in Parnassus Heights.  There is hardly ever anything up there-go figure, now there are several.

Living room with view and deck

This one at 227 Edgewood (right across the street from the last posting) is a great location, AND a blank canvas.  Good spaces and views, this four bedroom, four bathroom home has a Sea Ranch vibe about it.  Nice spaces, a walk out garden from the kitchen/great room.

Kitchen/great room with walk out garden

While it does have a fantastic location, it does not have a garage and I think it is pretty over-priced at $2.6 million.  Given it’s size, condition and location, I really think it should be price under $2 million.  So, you ask, if it’s that over-priced, why mention it?  Because it’s likely to get over-looked by others and it’s in a terrific location.  Buyers, overall in San Francisco, do not want to substantially negotiate for fear that they are upsetting sellers, or wasting time.  That fear can be real.  If you try to negotiate with a seller too soon after putting the property on the market, or write the offer without supporting documentation, such as comparable sales, you probably are wasting your time.  It’s also worth the buyer’s agent presenting your offer in person to the seller so that they can present all supporting documentation.

Here’s that brick street I told you about in the previous post.

Street Scene-Brick pavers

Listed by Hill & Co.

December 2010 update

Property withdrawn from the market.  The seller must not be ready to take what the property is worth in today’s market.