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Scammers take advantage of Natural Disasters

Watch out for Disaster Fraud

From the California Association of Realtors:

Tip of the Week: Justice Dept. raises awareness of disaster fraud hotline
The Dept. of Justice, the FBI, and the National Center for Disaster Fraud remind the public there is a potential for disaster fraud in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  Suspected fraudulent activity pertaining to relief efforts associated with natural disasters should be reported to the toll-free NCDF hotline at (866) 720-5721.  The hotline is staffed by a live operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the purpose of reporting suspected scams perpetrated by criminals in the aftermath of disasters.

In the wake of natural disasters, many individuals feel moved to contribute to victim assistance programs and organizations across the country.  The Dept. of Justice and the FBI remind the public to apply a critical eye and to conduct due diligence before giving to anyone soliciting donations on behalf of victims.

Loan modification fraud

Here is a video put out by the California Association of Realtors with contact information to help you get the appropriate help in the event you or someone you know is attempting to get a loan modification.  Fraud and scams are running rampant now.  It is illegal for operators to collect an upfront fee, promise that they can get you a modification, or guarantee that they can keep you from foreclosure.

If you are trying to do a modification on your loan, or know someone who is, please take a look at this video for some good tips on how to spot fraud.  They seem like common sense, and they are; if you are in crisis, it’s also easy to not think straight.

Loan Fraud up-expect more

 Loan modification help


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