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Architectural Drive by on Pacific

As I was driving on Steiner St last week on Tuesday Tour, I saw this home which I had never seen before.  It’s not on the market, but something about it spoke to me.  I made a quick left turn on Pacific, sat in front for a bit and went back to take these pictures.

2475 Pacific, San Francisco

Amongst all the Pacific Heights Mega mansions, this elegant small Victorian stands proud on a wide lot, set back prominently from the road.  Beautifully maintained.  Looks like it has stood the test of time well and in a stately manor.

It made me think about one of the reasons I get such a kick out of SF Real Estate.  Every once in awhile, a property stands out enough to make you take notice.  I plan on posting such properties here from time to time.  Enjoy.

2475 Pacific, San Francisco

Transbay Terminal Demolition underway

This is a little bittersweet, probably from a romantic perspective.  The old transbay terminal is under demolition.  The area has been tightly scheduled for the demo planning to make way for the new transit hub, which is quite exciting.  I saw a presentation on it a few months ago and it will be fantastic.  I’m not excited about the HUGE tower, but the concept of bringing the various public transit authorities together (which the old TB terminal did in it’s time) is the right thing to do.

The Old Transbay Terminal in it’s time-From

The Wrecking Ball goes to Work on San Francisco’s Transbay Terminal-Socketsite

Proposed Transbay Terminal-from

Here’s the proposed terminal

The painted ladies of Alamo Square finally getting a date

I was driving by the Painted Ladies on Steiner Street the other day.  I got to the corner of Grove Street where the HUGE white house (which has been a school for years) on the corner is and saw spray painted on the retaining wall: 802, 804, 808.  I though what the heck?  Something’s going on-that’s not random enough for graffiti.

Post card row. 722 Steiner on the left most corner is on the market now

Well, here’s what’s going on I found out via SF Curbed.  The painted ladies are finally getting a date.  There are 3 Painted Gentlemen joining the 7 ladies on post card row.  Given San Francisco, I’m sure there are some women that would agree-7 women, 3 men.

Part of building at the corner of Grove and Steiner is getting demolished, making way for three new single family homes-dubbed ‘The Painted Gentlemen’.

No pictures or drawings yet of what is proposed.  The area where they will be built is to the left of this photo.  Grove Street is on the left most portion of this picture. 722 Steiner (in green) is currently on the market.  The homes would be across the Street.

Here’s the blurb on Curbed.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed house for sale-in Los Banos

Architecturally significant home for sale-Curbed photo

The town, not the bathroom.

This Frank Lloyd Wright designed house is for sale in Los Banos, CA.  The house was designed and built for Buck and Harriet Fawcett-I find it fascinating that someone in their 30’s could afford and have built this stunning home on 80 acres.

I think I could consider living in a remote location to get a house like this.  On and off the market for a few years, the house is still available for nearly $2 million.  Unfortunately, Frank Lloyd Wright did not live to see the completion of the home.

Curbed post

SFGate Article

Long lost tunnel found in the Presidio

1850’s tunnel found in the Presidio

While working on a project in the Presidio, a long lost tunnel was uncovered.  Built in the 1850’s by the Mountain Spring Water Company to bring water from Mountain Lake to down town San Francisco, the project was not completed for lack of funds.

It certainly seemed like a good idea at the time.  San Francisco was a new city and they needed to get water to where the people were.  The idea was to bring water into the Presidio, then distribute it down town where it was needed.  Of course, they were also concerned with fighting fires at the time, as the city had been destroyed twice already.

Presidio archeologists did some ‘digging’ in US Army records and were able to find long forgotten references to the tunnel and Mountain Spring Water Company.  That’s pretty fascinating to me. Makes me wonder how many other long-forgotten treasures are in SF.  Here’s the full story.

Long lost tunnel in the Presidio-SF Chronicle

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