Bernal Heights Single Family for under $500,000

They don’t come up too often; well, not that you’d be able to live in, but here’s a single family home in Bernal Heights that is a pretty good value.

Entry gate for 505 Anderson

There’s still some room for personalization, but it’s got a new furnace, updated kitchen, on-demand hot water heater, a laundry room, 1+ bedrooms (the listing agent calls it two bedrooms, but the second is small) and two nice outdoor areas-an entry courtyard and a back garden.  It does NOT have parking, but at $500K, you won’t likely find that in a home you could live in now and in a preferred neighborhood.

Living and kitchen

505 Anderson $489,000  Available to be shown by appointment.  Very convenient to Cortland St. shops.

Open Sunday Dec. 5, 2010.  Time not determined yet, but 2-4 is typical.

back garden

Listed by McGuire

December update: Property withdrawn from the market.  I’d expect for the holidays-and I’m sure it will be back.