25-35 Dolores gets more resistence

The proposed development at 23-35 Dolores has hit some more resistance.   There are the usual neighbor concerns; noise, traffic, height, light and ventilation, wild life, etc…  I’ve been on that end of a proposed development too.  You can’t really stop a project, but you want to make sure it’s sensitive to the neighborhood.  As it stands, the developer wants to demolish the existing early 1900’s buildings previously occupied by S & C Ford.

The San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission feels that the buildings have architectural merit and that the facades should be kept.  The developer wants them drawn, documented and subsequently demolished.  The buildings are architecturally  interesting, but would need to seismically upgraded AND a new building shoved into the envelope and make sense in a different world from when they were built.  Quite a challenge.

25-35 Dolores-Existing (via Socketsite)
25-35 Dolores-Developer Rendering (via Socketsite)








The compromise is to keep the facade and build the new building behind.  It reduces the number of units-making the project financially unfeasible.

25-35 Dolores-Alternative Design (via Socketsite)

Obviously, if it costs more to building the building than the developer can sell the units for, the project won’t get built.  The existing building has no current practical use and will continue to deteriorate.

I have to say, architecturally, I don’t care for either one.  I like the old S & C Building, but we can’t keep everything.  Time to move on.

The proposed design looks like something in Mission Bay.  That’s fine in Mission Bay, but does not fit into the urban fabric of Dolores St.  Time to go back to the drawing board.  Let the developer tear the building down, BUT put in a building thoughtful to the neighborhood. Just my two cents.