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Bernal Heights cottage

Courtyard entry at 505 Anderson

It took a few times on the market and still no sale.  505 Anderson, a single family detached home in Bernal listed for $489,000 just isn’t getting sold.  It was listed at the end of 2010, (see my earlier post) didn’t sell and was withdrawn from the market.  It was put back on the market after the first of the year and again, was withdrawn at the end of April 2011 without closing.  A great price and way to get into Bernal.  I’m shocked it didn’t sell as a great condo alternative.


Listed by McGuire.

330 Edgehill gets sold

Courtyard at 330 Edgehill

It’s been quite a long road for 330 Edgehill.  Starting out at $1,595,000 with a series of reductions, the very interesting home finally closed escrow at the end of April 2011 for $1,100,000.  That’s a heck of a deal for that location, including a main house AND a guest house.  Here’s my earlier post.


Listed by Pacific Union.

West Portal fixer on Ulloa closes

Vintage detail in the living room of 611 Ulloa

Someone got a good deal on 611 Ulloa.  Starting out at $769,000, the home was on the market for 30 days before reducing it to $699,000.  This is a great price to get into West Portal-even for a home needing work.

The lucky buyer got this great entry level opportunity for $650,000, closing at the end of April.  A lot of work, BUT a lot of reward!

Home deals in West Portal

Remodeled kitchen at 153 Granville

153 Granville is a really great deal now!  Starting out at $1,189,000, it’s a lot of house, in a great neighborhood, with an Ocean view from the bedrooms.

Despite the pluses, detached, remodeled, big, parking, no offers as of yet.  The house is now $995,000!!  No typo.  It really is now a screamin’ deal.

Open on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 from 2-4pm.  Please come by and say hello.

Here’s the previous post.

10 Reasons to buy a home

I don’t think I could have put this any better myself.  This is an older article, but the same rules apply today.  There is a great opportunity to get into the real estate market if you think you’d ever like to own your own home.  Interest rates are incredibly low and there are great deals out there to be had.  Here’s the link to a story in the Wall Street Journal that spells out the benefits.

10 Reasons to buy a home-Wall Street Journal

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