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Remodeled 3 bedroom home in the Sunset / Parkside

I have a great new listing in the Parkside area of San Francisco.  For those living in the city who don’t know the distinction, you’d think of the area as the Sunset.  I lovingly call the area San Francisco’s Suburbs.  I’ll be open this Sunday, March 27th, 2011 from 2-4pm.  Please stop by and see it.  2425 22nd Ave.  Heck of a deal at $749,000

2425 22nd Ave.-Garden

Detached remodeled Edwardian Era Home built in 1923

1964 Square feet per tax record

3 bedrooms (two are master suites)

2 1/2 baths

Living room with decorative bungalow style fireplace

Open, light dining room

Hardwood floors

Remodeled kitchen

Two car tandem garage

Over-sized lot with whimsical South and West facing landscaped garden

Convenient to public transit, shopping, grocery store, library and freeways

April update:

After two and a half weeks on the market, the property received four offers and it’s due to close at the end of May.

2425 22nd Ave.-Living Room
2425 22nd Ave.-Kitchen

Former Hearst estate on the market-only $95 Million

A Beverly Hills, CA home formerly owned by William Randolph Heart is on the market for a mere $95 million dollars.  Owned by financier Leonard Ross, the home started out on the market at $165 million three years ago.

Former Hearst Mansion from Curbed

Since then, Mr. Ross has declared bankrupcy and needs to get it sold.

Does anyone really live like this anymore?  Fantastic, but looks more like a destination for a tour, like Hearst Castle in San Simeon.

The story from Curbed

Presidio Pet Cemetery-work above!

Until I saw this story on Curbed, I had forgotten all about the Pet Cemetery in the Presidio.  From a shear logistics perspective, protecting the cemetery and building a major road way above it, is a huge undertaking and coordination effort.  Be sure to check out the article to see the pictures-they are awesome.

I think it’s great that the cemetery is being protected!  SF Curbed story

Buying a home together-some advise: plan and listen

This is a very good article with some great ideas for working as a couple to buy a home.

Buying real estate can be a challenge emotionally alone and even more difficult as a couple.  Negotiation with the seller, AND your partner.

Here’s a good one-with a guest cottage!

The article gives some very practical ideas for helping each other through the process:

Get pre-approved.  This is a big one.  It’s also, in my opinion, the least fun-but perhaps the most important.  This is the opportunity to flush out the financial issues, look at your budget and have clear picture of your price range.  It’s heart-wrenching to find the right home and then figure out that you can’t afford it.

Work together to come up with the must-haves and the nice-to-haves.  Buying property, even with lower property values, is expensive.  Everyone has a limit-which means setting priorities.  Knowing those priorities really helps you sort out the possibilities.

Get on the same page.  This is also really important.  There’s nothing more  frustrating than finding your dream home and your partner doesn’t think so.  There will always be properties that one partner likes and the other doesn’t-BUT, if you have a clear picture of the priorities, this will get reduced.

Here’s the article from SFGate.

Trader Joes in the Castro

March 15th update

Apparently it is over now.  Trader Joe’s has decided not to pursue the Castro location any longer.  What a shame. That would have been a great addition for the ‘hood.  I found this out on a Curbed posting.

Below is the posting that I put up before the info above.


Just saw tonight that Trader Joe’s is still trying to open in the old Tower Records space at Market and Noe.

Market St. Trader Joe’s?

On Valentine’s day, a presentation by Trader Joe’s was made to the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association to alleviate concerns over parking and traffic generated from the store.  No mention of what impact Radio Shack is (if at all) continuing to have on the store opening.  Previous reports indicated that Radio Shack staying in their current space was the deal breaker in negotiations.

A planning commission hearing could happen in April.

One point in the article was that Trader Joe’s would not provide the Human Rights Campaign information on their LGBT Policies.  That seems more an issue in my mind, given the location in the Castro, and that San Francisco has rules binding companies operating in San Francisco to have pro-LGBT policies.

Here’s the article from the Bay Area Reporter, via Socketsite



South of Market Residence-Part Deux

Here’s part two (and final for now) of my obsession with loft like homes in SOMA, here’s another building at 1074 Folsom that I found during my recent commercial property search.

1074 Folsom Exterior

The building is not currently available-having been withdrawn from the market in 2010, but it’s been my experience, that occasionally, a property that doesn’t sell at one point, may be still be available when the right buyer comes along.


The listing detail claims a square footage of approximately 3900 and when listed was $1,250,000.  Architecturally a really cool building with lots of opportunity.  As with any commercial building, cash is king.  If you need a mortgage, you need to count on a down payment of between 35 and 55 percent.

Previously listed by HC&M Commercial Properties


The importance of staging

We always knew it was important, but in this New York Times article, it makes it abundantly clear that preparing your home for sale in the BEST possible light nets you more money in your sale.

I know, I know-‘a new buyer will want to remodel and make it their own’, ‘they will have to look past the clutter’, ‘they can measure the garage to see if the car fits’.  Well, ok-if you are willing taking less for your home.

Mr. or Ms. Seller, if you thought you could get away with doing less and selling your home for top dollar-this article should put that in perspective for you.

New York Times article here. Thank you Nancy Meyer for sharing this.


South of Market Home

A new obsession.  A Dan Tanna type warehouse home.  Remember that show?  Robert Urich was a Private Eye, the show was ‘Vegas’.  He drove a vintage Thunderbird and parked in his living room.

Well, that came to mind when I ran across 765 Clementina when I was looking through commercial listings for a client. I have to admit, it hadn’t occurred to me to look for residential listings under commercial.

765 Clementina Exterior

This is most definitely unusual, and while you can’t drive your car into the living room, the room itself is a very spacious loft-type space-one of the few spaces I’ve seen in 16 years of selling real estate that you can fit extremely comfortably with plenty of left over space, a grand piano.  The second floor has those really cool arched windows you can see on the front.  A roof deck is the outdoor space for the building.

765 Clementina-Loft-like space

Listed for $1,150,000, the building was sold to the current owner in 2009 for $820,000.  Since that time, the current owner has undertaken some major remodeling.

Available to see by appointment.

Listed by Lynnea Key Realty

San Francisco Walk of Fame

Well, it took long enough.

San Francisco may soon have it’s own walk of fame-the gay walk of fame.  The City Arts Commission is expected to approve the walk of fame which will include an initial 20 influential gays and lesbians chosen by Castro Neighborhood Merchants and Residents.  The walk is planned to start at Octavia and Market, near the LGBT Community Center, then extend to Castro Street and beyond.

SFGate City Insider

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