If your city WAS fashion-what would it be?

Ok, so we need a little levity.  Here’s some I found on my reader today.  If your city could be conveyed in fashion, what would it look like?  The fact that New York City if represented by a garbage dress, seems too ‘delicious’.

New York City-a garbage dress?

They didn’t show San Francisco, but I can only imagine what it might look like.  I’m sure Berkeley would have some Birkenstock action.

From SF Gate via SF Curbed.  Another guilty pleasure and some creativity!

Whole Foods at Old S&C Ford?

So here’s a rendering of the proposed development at the old S&C Ford Building at the corner of Dolores and Market-2001 Market St.

Whole Foods is apparently looking at the location (yeah! that would be great to not have to drive all the way across town to get the California St. or Potrero Hill).  They are concerned that parking may be an issue there, as it was in the proposed (and now defunct) Trader Joes at the old Tower Records site at Market and Noe. I’m guessing if the Board of Supervisors has anything to do with it, they’ll get around the parking issue.  It’s going to be all about the neighbors and how much of an issue they make out of it.

Here’s the article at SocketSite

Inner Sunset Edwardian Fixer

This listing happens to be listed by my company-I saw it today during our office meeting.

It’s a grand (well, it once was) two story Edwardian home, the majority of the home is detached.  First time on the market in 43 years (and looks it).  You can tell it was a great looking home though.

Front exterior of 1471 18th Ave.

1471 18th Ave. (at Judah) listed for $799,000.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths, built in 1911, with parking, on a deep lot (120′).

Cottage or shed? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The good news about not much being done to the home, is that a lot of the details are still there.  Currently being used as a rooming house and the listing agent states that it will be delivered vacant. Great area, convenient to shopping, public transit and freeways.

A blank canvas for you to make your own! Requires special appointments since it is tenant occupied.  This is the kind of home that is fun to find because it won’t appeal to everyone!

January 2011 update:

The property is withdrawn from the market.

Bernal Heights Single Family for under $500,000

They don’t come up too often; well, not that you’d be able to live in, but here’s a single family home in Bernal Heights that is a pretty good value.

Entry gate for 505 Anderson

There’s still some room for personalization, but it’s got a new furnace, updated kitchen, on-demand hot water heater, a laundry room, 1+ bedrooms (the listing agent calls it two bedrooms, but the second is small) and two nice outdoor areas-an entry courtyard and a back garden.  It does NOT have parking, but at $500K, you won’t likely find that in a home you could live in now and in a preferred neighborhood.

Living and kitchen

505 Anderson $489,000  Available to be shown by appointment.  Very convenient to Cortland St. shops.

Open Sunday Dec. 5, 2010.  Time not determined yet, but 2-4 is typical.

back garden

Listed by McGuire

December update: Property withdrawn from the market.  I’d expect for the holidays-and I’m sure it will be back.

Like Limn Furniture? Harder to find-but in the same building

An earlier version of SF Curbed stated that Limn has closed.  At least closed their SOMA location. (which I find out is not true-see below update).  At the time of that posting, no one seems sure what happened to them.  The original Limn showroom has been replace with H.D. Buttercup, a Southern California Furniture store with much smaller price tags.

Dec. 1, 2010 update:

Limn has not closed it’s doors.  It has greatly reduced it’s floor space, but is actually still in the same building at 290 Townsend, 2nd Flr.  The economy has been brutal on the retailer, so they went from 50,000 sf, to 12,000.  So, Limn is still available for oogling!

I have to admit I’d only been in Limn a few times, and think the first time was an earlier location.  I was astounded by the prices and there wasn’t anything in there that I would have taken out a second mortgage to get.  If the new store gives interesting furniture options for semi-reasonable prices-more power to them.

Here’s a blurb on them from LiveSoma.com

Here’s the SF Chronicle article