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The painted ladies of Alamo Square finally getting a date

I was driving by the Painted Ladies on Steiner Street the other day.  I got to the corner of Grove Street where the HUGE white house (which has been a school for years) on the corner is and saw spray painted on the retaining wall: 802, 804, 808.  I though what the heck?  Something’s going on-that’s not random enough for graffiti.

Post card row. 722 Steiner on the left most corner is on the market now

Well, here’s what’s going on I found out via SF Curbed.  The painted ladies are finally getting a date.  There are 3 Painted Gentlemen joining the 7 ladies on post card row.  Given San Francisco, I’m sure there are some women that would agree-7 women, 3 men.

Part of building at the corner of Grove and Steiner is getting demolished, making way for three new single family homes-dubbed ‘The Painted Gentlemen’.

No pictures or drawings yet of what is proposed.  The area where they will be built is to the left of this photo.  Grove Street is on the left most portion of this picture. 722 Steiner (in green) is currently on the market.  The homes would be across the Street.

Here’s the blurb on Curbed.

Eliminating the mortgage interest tax deduction….

Is under consideration again.  Eliminating the mortgage interest tax deduction.

This comes under consideration every once in awhile to get home owners warmed up to the idea of giving up one of their few tax deductions.  Our Association of Realtors notified of this newest ‘look’, and  I found the following article in the New York Times.

I find this scary on a few levels.  Despite the argument that countries such as Canada and Australia don’t have a deduction, it is so ingrained in our culture, how do you give it up without sending huge shock waves (and more foreclosures and reduced property values) throughout the system.  To ‘warm’ us up, the $500,000 mortgage limit is floated out there.  In California, that is not a huge mortgage-given our property values.  And, yes, we do take the deduction into consideration when qualifying people for buying a home.  When you may need to spend 40-45 percent of your take home pay for housing, you need the tax break.

I know we’ve got some serious financial problems; is this the way to do it?

Taking Aim at the Mortgage Tax Break-New York Times

Christmas Tree Regulations in San Francisco

Natural Christmas trees are regulated in San Francisco in many types of buildings-most notably in residential condo and apartment buildings of over 2 units.  Note that natural trees are only allowed in buildings with approved fire sprinkler systems.  Many multi-unit buildings do not have automatic sprinkler systems.  This excerpt from the San Francisco Apartment Association on-line newsletter.

Make sure to give your tenants notice and be careful!  Make sure to contact the Bureau of Fire Prevention for complete guidelines or the SF Fire Department at 415.558.3300

Safe use of Christmas trees in regulated occupancies from the SF Fire Dept.
As the 2010 holiday season approaches, the San Francisco Fire Department reminds property owners and managers that there are clear regulations that must be observed regarding the use of Christmas trees in public spaces, including high-rise buildings and the public areas of apartment and condo buildings:
  • Natural cut trees are permitted in the following occupancies only when they are protected by an approved automatic sprinkler system: public assemblies, schools, retail stores, high-rise buildings, and common areas of hotels, motels, apartment and condo buildings with more than two units.
Any questions regarding Christmas tree regulations may be directed to the Bureau of Fire Prevention of the San Francisco Fire Department at 415.558.3300.

Stern Grove views and privacy

Living room on the Stern Grove side-deck and nice green view

Here’s a great home I saw last week on tour that is unusual, in that it is detached and a great price and location.  At $729,000, 2071 Wawona is well priced and seems to be solidly built.  Mostly original, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has plenty of opportunity to make it your own.  It’s very livable, but updates would make the house sing.

A new kitchen would be welcome here. Good bones and space available.

Getting to the house takes a bit of gymnastics the first time around, but that could be a bonus-not many people will be wandering by your property, making it feel feel secluded.  Nice floor plan.

Convenient to freeways, shopping and the beach.

Garden-view from living room. Wide frontage along Stern Grove.

Easy to show by appointment.

Listed by Hill & Co.


March update

The property sold for $688,000.  That’s a phenomenal deal.

Target planned at the Metreon

This from the SF Examiner.  Target is moving in.  The first likely location is now the Metreon, which has struggled since being opened.  Target is planning taking the first two floors of the complex.

This could be good for the complex and the neighborhood, but I still find it sad, as the Metreon is such an iconic building and area.  It should be more ‘San Francisco’.  But that’s just me.

The second location is planned for the old Sears building at Masonic and Geary.  Formerly the Mervyn’s store.

Metreon scores big-box Target-SF Examiner

‘Fixer’ in Parnassus Heights

This week on tour, there were a few places in Parnassus Heights.  There is hardly ever anything up there-go figure, now there are several.

Living room with view and deck

This one at 227 Edgewood (right across the street from the last posting) is a great location, AND a blank canvas.  Good spaces and views, this four bedroom, four bathroom home has a Sea Ranch vibe about it.  Nice spaces, a walk out garden from the kitchen/great room.

Kitchen/great room with walk out garden

While it does have a fantastic location, it does not have a garage and I think it is pretty over-priced at $2.6 million.  Given it’s size, condition and location, I really think it should be price under $2 million.  So, you ask, if it’s that over-priced, why mention it?  Because it’s likely to get over-looked by others and it’s in a terrific location.  Buyers, overall in San Francisco, do not want to substantially negotiate for fear that they are upsetting sellers, or wasting time.  That fear can be real.  If you try to negotiate with a seller too soon after putting the property on the market, or write the offer without supporting documentation, such as comparable sales, you probably are wasting your time.  It’s also worth the buyer’s agent presenting your offer in person to the seller so that they can present all supporting documentation.

Here’s that brick street I told you about in the previous post.

Street Scene-Brick pavers

Listed by Hill & Co.

December 2010 update

Property withdrawn from the market.  The seller must not be ready to take what the property is worth in today’s market.

Pre-Thanksgiving Real Estate porn

I know this house is way outside the range of most people, but I really liked 226 Edgewood, and here’s why.

Wooded Entry Experience

Fabulous location.  Really.  You don’t find many homes on the market near UCSF in Parnassus/Ashbury Heights.  That neighborhood, in Real Estate speak, actually covers a pretty large area.  The area where 226 Edgewood is, is a pretty small area that is accessed by two streets off Parnassus; Willard and Woodland.  It’s wooded, secluded and gorgeous up there.  Wonderful views, well located and close both Cole Valley and the Inner Sunset neighborhoods.  Bonus, the street is a brick paved street.

City view from the garden/back of the house

Here’s the scoop.  Three level, Craftsman inspired home (with some Frank Lloyd Wright details) set back from the street on nearly a quarter of an acre gated site.  Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two car-car port, wooded lot with a stunning garden.  All levels of the home and the garden have a wonderful down town view.

All for only $3.5 million.  Now, I know that’s a lot of money.  But, I see a lot of houses and there are bunches of $3-4 million dollar homes out there.  Given all this house has and where it is-I can’t imagine a better deal for the money on the market now.

Living room looking toward view and top floor den

Listed by Pacific Union.

January 2011 update:

The house is listed as pending as of 12/30/10

Second January 2011 update:

The house closed escrow on 1/13/11 for $2,900,000.  Someone got a very good deal for that house, neighborhood and view!

Guerrero St; totally sexy and trendy

Living room with bungalow fireplace and coved ceilings

And there’s a great opportunity on it.  640 Guerrero is a lower unit flat in this two unit building at Guerrero and 18th St; trendy Mission Dolores!  Edwardian era with great detail including a bungalow fireplace.  2 bedrooms, split bath and 2 car parking-with it’s own garage door and entrance.  Listed at $875,000.

Given the location, market and level of finish (which still has room for your creativity), I would say the property was overpriced.  But.  there’s a great bonus.  A deeded carriage house belongs to this unit.   That totally makes it worth it.

Carriage house goes with the unit-what possibilities!

Fantastic location-convenient to public transit, Dolores Park, the Mission, Noe Valley, the Castro, Bi-Rite and many wonderful stores and restaurants.  Available to be shown by appointment.

Listed by Paragon

New Year’s Update: The property sold and closed escrow on 12/31/10 for $865,000

Edwardian era two units
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