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Long lost tunnel found in the Presidio

1850’s tunnel found in the Presidio

While working on a project in the Presidio, a long lost tunnel was uncovered.  Built in the 1850’s by the Mountain Spring Water Company to bring water from Mountain Lake to down town San Francisco, the project was not completed for lack of funds.

It certainly seemed like a good idea at the time.  San Francisco was a new city and they needed to get water to where the people were.  The idea was to bring water into the Presidio, then distribute it down town where it was needed.  Of course, they were also concerned with fighting fires at the time, as the city had been destroyed twice already.

Presidio archeologists did some ‘digging’ in US Army records and were able to find long forgotten references to the tunnel and Mountain Spring Water Company.  That’s pretty fascinating to me. Makes me wonder how many other long-forgotten treasures are in SF.  Here’s the full story.

Long lost tunnel in the Presidio-SF Chronicle

Steve Jobs can finally build his new house

Home to be demolished-(from Real Estalker)

After 10 or so years of fighting, Steve Jobs appears to finally be free to start building his new home in Woodside-after of course tearing down the historic house that sits there now.  Be sure to visit the Apple Insider link to see the pictures.  It’s sad to see the state of the home as it sits, but you can tell it must have been fabulous.

From the Real Estalker

New cruising spot-Lowe’s replaces Goodman’s

It doesn’t look at thing like this now!

How many years did it take?  Finally, Lowe’s is opening up on the site of the former Goodman’s Lumber on Bayshore Blvd.  It is HUGE.  It went up really fast too.  It looks like the building takes up this whole lot from the street.

The grand opening is Friday, October 29, 2010.  I’m looking forward to being able to shop in SF.

Socketsite post

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in the Castro-and parking!

14 Ford, San Francisco

There is a lot on the market now, but not much new stuff.  This last Tuesday, I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed with the offerings.  The house at 14 Ford was the exception to this feeling.  Fabulous location, loads of potential and a great price at $1,098,000.  A three bedroom, two bathroom house in the Castro-and parking!

The upstairs could use some reconfiguration in my humble opinion, but it’s not impending.  You could live very comfortably in this house and take on some remodeling over many years.

Ford is a quiet one block street.  It’s tremendously located near the Castro, Mission and public transit. Really well-priced AND in a popular price range, this house will sell quickly when so many others are sitting on the market.

Listed by Herth Real Estate

December 2010 update

The home sold with multiple offers at $1,325,000

Old S & C Ford repair building-on target for development

25-35 Dolores before (from Levy Design Partners website)

As reported in SF Curbed, the Old S & C Repair building at 25-35 Dolores is finally approved.  While I like the building that is there, the new one looks really exciting.

Here’s a look at what’s coming

25-35 Dolores-proposed after (From Levy Design Partners website)

Want a condo? How about three?

Here’s a great opportunity you don’t see very often.  A three unit building, already converted and all the units are available for sale.  Gorgeous views from every unit. Wonderful view garden, sheltered from the west wind, toward the view.

447-49 Roosevelt view-from all three units

445-49 Roosevelt Way. Each unit has parking. The lower unit is a two floor unit which is nicely separated to have guests. The whole building is listed for $$1,644,900.

447-49 Roosevelt view deck

Here’s how the units are broken up:

Top floor 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 car parking, tenant occupied $629,900

Middle floor 1 bed, 1 bath, 1 car parking, tenant occupied $440,000

Lower floor (two levels) 1+ bed, 1+ bath, 1 car parking, vacant $575,000

447-49 Roosevelt exterior

Bank owned and on the market for awhile.  May be an opportunity!  Available by appointment.

February 2011 update:

After quite a bit of time on the market, all three units are in contract.

March 2011 update:

It took some time, but the condos finally closed escrow for a total sale price of $1,049,999 ($594,901 under asking!)  Wow, someone sure got a good deal.  Broken up they sold as:

Top floor listed for $629,900, sold for $442,333

Middle floor listed for $440,000 sold for $291,333

Lower floor listed for $575,000 sold for $316,333

Cheap one bedroom condo on Buena Vista Hill

19 Alpine Terrace Unit A has been on the market for awhile.  It started much higher and has come down as a result of the market and likely buyers being scared by it’s potential!

19 Alpine Terrace Unit A-Building exterior

The unit entry is through the tradesman entrance you can see to the left of the building.  The small window at street level is the front room of 19A.

Now, don’t let that scare you. There is  quite a bit of space in this flat-like condo.  I like that there hasn’t been much done to the unit, it’s all up from here. The best thing about the unit is the garden exclusive to this unit and some views from the rear.  At $469,000, it’s a good way to get into the neighborhood and not be in a large complex. Now at that price, and the building vintage, there is no parking.

Open by appointment.

February update:

After sitting on the market since July of 2010, the condo finally closed as a short-sale Mid February at $420,000.

19 Alpine Terrace #A-garden

Telegraph Hill units beckon

These Telegraph Hill units are beckoning at 130-32 Varennes; I saw them a few weeks ago and thought it would sail right off the market when it was listed for $1,399,000.

I really fell in love with both the location and the opportunities that this building offers. A cozy two bedroom home at the rear of the lot with some private outdoor space and the studio unit in a separate building at the front. A tasteful courtyard separates the two structures. Continue reading “Telegraph Hill units beckon”

4 bedroom Noe Valley home

You’ve seen this house-I’m sure of it.  Former Mayor Willie Brown was trying to get you to buy a raffle ticket to win it.  Well, they never sold enough tickets for it.

815 Alvarado-raffle house

Nice place.  3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms AND a separate legal one bedroom apartment.  Gorgeous garden, beautiful Craftsman finishes and a lot of space.

Still available as of 11/10/10.  Missed the offer date.

815 Alvarado-cook's kitchen

815 Alvarado


Listed by Paragon

February 2011 update:

After a price reduction to $2,325,000 at the end of January, the home went into contract-it’s now showing pending.


March update

Property sold for $2.3 million.

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