Limited supply in San Francisco has always been a bonus

The good news is that San Francisco is and has been for a long time, a very desirable place to live.  Supply has historically been short of demand, so prices remain stable in down markets and appreciate in up markets. With equity in property and changes in personal financial ability, many homeowners find it possible to make the next move-either moving up, or accumulating property for retirement.

There are many things to consider in the sale of your property, such as establishing the target market, marketing schedule, and an appropriate list price that will generate maximum exposure to the property.  If you are selling a property to purchase a replacement, timing will be even more important. Then there is the discussion about what repairs, remodeling, or market preparations are needed.

The key to making the marketing and sale of a property go smoothly is when there is planning and preparation.  That means getting your house looking ship-shape and ready for interested buyers to view, and having presale inspection reports and disclosures available for review when marketing begins.

Every property has its own set of challenges in preparation.  Find a trust-worthy, honest realtor that is knowledgeable, experienced and isn’t afraid to tell you the truth about the market and what you must do to prepare-this is in YOUR best interest.  They will help you in coming up with the to-do list and marketing strategy to get your home successfully closed so that you can begin your new chapter.