The 10 commandments after web-surfing

  1. Photographs are great, but don’t tell the whole story.  A bad photo may make you avoid a certain property, while a nice photo may get you to look at property-which has a bad floor plan or location.
  2. You must go into every house in your price range, even in areas surrounding preferred areas.
  3. You won’t know what the good stuff looks like if you don’t see the crap.
  4. You may find while setting priorities, that areas you didn’t think would work, will.
  5. You may find a sleeper in a surrounding neighborhood that better fits your price range AND you may still be able to enjoy the benefits of the ‘preferred’ neighborhood.
  6. Talk with me about what is really happening in the market right now.  Often what you find on the internet is much like reading a newspaper; the news cycle has already changed.
  7. You found your dream property with a tenant in it; now what?  Understanding rent control and tenant’s rights is crucial in your decision making process.
  8. Does your dream property have some financing issues that need to be worked out?
  9. Is there a property that you wouldn’t have considered that, with some remodeling, would be a great fit?
  10. A great real estate agent means great referrals for contractors, architects and handymen.