Eric did more than just help me find a house, he helped every step of the way whether working on financing, finding contractors or giving decorating advice.

- Elizabeth Banker

Eric is knowledgeable about the strengths and weaknesses of the city’s neighborhoods. He professionally handled the whole process…and we got an advisor along with the house.

- Adele and Scott McCall

Eric has helped me buy and sell three properties in San Francisco over the years. He’s always gone above and beyond to help me. He’s knowledgeable, practical, ethical, reliable, and has great instincts. I really trust him, and he’s helped me become a more educated real estate buyer. I would recommend Eric to anyone.

- David Diaz

Eric is the most thorough real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is also attentive to returning calls and completing promised tasks.

- Debra Haber

Eric was always our first choice of Realtor because he did not pressure us and really allowed us to take the time we needed to arrive at our best choice.

- Susie Reichert Wong

Eric was very patient with me. Even after going through close to 100 properties, he found a better place for me which was cheaper and in better condition than I thought possible.

- Christopher Lee

Eric went out of his way to make sure we were well informed of the market as a whole; working with Eric is like getting a mini real estate education.

- Nina Mulderrrig

Eric listened to us and added his years of experience to the process of buying our first home. We looked at lots of houses in-person and online and always felt his screening of the entire market made the process efficient and pleasant. All our friends told us about their real estate experiences and ours was by far the best.

- Candy Tripp

Always the consummate professional, Eric advised and assisted me throughout a very difficult transaction. He spent many hours counseling me, but not pushing me in any one direction. In Eric, I had someone who helped me through every step of the buying process; I could not have negotiated my new home without him.

- Peter Vallas

Eric was always very professional, courteous, honest and responsive. He would review various options and was direct without being pushy. I found Eric to be very knowledgeable about the real estate market and real estate loans options. He works very hard to ensure his clients are well represented.

- Chris Damon

Eric’s greatest strength is listening – he spent time talking to us to understand what we liked and didn’t like and used that to inform the next round of properties he would show to us. He helped us find good compromises and we ended up with an amazing building that we’re very happy with.

- Ron Monteiro

Eric was closing up an open house when we met and the property was outside my price range. He wasn’t pushy, but told me not to give up hope. I am eternally grateful to Eric for his positive outlook and knowledge of SF real estate to make this dream a reality.

- Ruth Saunders

Eric is a fantastic real estate professional and I highly recommend him to both buyers and sellers. Eric does not use the ‘hard sell’ approach like some other agents. He is extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and gets results. I consider Eric a very valuable member of my team of advisors.

- John Osborn

Eric made the whole process of finding a home easy. He understood our needs, gave good advice on the market and helped us find a home in our dream neighborhood.  The true value of Eric is the help after closing, he has the best network of resources in the city! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Eric again.

- Vanessa Mikk

Eric is a savvy real estate agent with the patience of a saint. He has stuck with clients through good and terrible markets and they are all happy with his services. We have worked with some of the same clients for many years and they keep coming back, which is the greatest compliment that can be paid.

- Natasha Lovas – Guarantee Mortgage

Eric’s approach was to get to know me, what my needs and wants were then focused on clarifying what was realistic and what wasn’t within my means. I liked and appreciate his direct and honest approach. He never wasted time nor misled me throughout my search.

- Mimi Lee

Eric Castongia is a highly competent, personable realtor. He cares deeply about the situations which come up for his clients, whether buyers or sellers, and with his long experience in his industry can guide them through all the difficulties which come up in these complex transactions

- Michael Wolfe – Blue Sky Services

Eric and I have done a number of real estate deals together. I trust him implicitly for his ability to readily grasp broad and creative concepts and then bring those concepts to fruition through a laser-sharp focus on getting the job done. I recommend him unreservedly.

- Michael McKechnie