Success Stories

My clients and I found a mixed-use investment building in their preferred neighborhood, the Mission, that had not sold. The building had several issues, including the seller’s giving illegal rental increases to his tenants. After a lot of negotiation, we were able to sort out the seller’s tenant issues and get the price of the property in line with the building’s true value.

When my clients Duboce Park four unit building failed to sell in the late1990s, he made lemonade out of lemons by condo converting and remodeling the building. Six years later, he began the process of selling the units. Now increased significantly in value, I got to sell all four units!

Pricing a 10 unit investment building on Nob Hill for sale was a challenge, given that the it was substantial, well-located and more than five units, which affecting financing. When the building didn’t sell after the first 40 days, a well-thought out price reduction got the job done. An investor interested in trophy properties stepped up and bid a little over the reduced price.

My clients five unit Hayes Valley Victorian building had been in their family for over 50 years. A very convenient location, tons of potential and the opportunity for a lot split made this property sell quickly with multiple offers.

After living in her West Portal Area home for over 25 years, my client decided it was time to move out of the city. Helping her get the property ready for sale, coming up with a list of minor improvements and using all her own furniture to stage the home, we successfully planned her move after receiving 14 purchase offers.

As part of his retirement plan, my client had condo converted his four unit Buena Vista Hill building that he had owned for 30 years. Being tenant occupied, we could not stage or prepare the condominium as we would have liked. With persistence, communication and finding the right buyer, we were successful in getting the unit sold.

After raising her family in her Visitacion Valley home over 40 years, my client decided it was time to move out of the city. Although she had the nicest home in the area, numerous short sales and foreclosures were lowering prices in the area. With market exposure and correct pricing, we were able to get a significant number of serious buyers into the home and sell it for over its asking price.

My client had all but given up buying in his preferred neighborhood of the Castro, given his limited budget. With some persistence and a little luck, a bank owned property came up on a great block. He successfully bought the property and with sweat equity, has made a fantastic, welcoming home.

My client wanted a property he could remodel to make his own. Even with the market crazily overbidding at the time, we were able to find a home in Bernal Heights that had been overpriced and languishing on the market. We were able to negotiate on the price and get him the blank canvas he wanted.

My clients and their two children had been living in a small rent controlled apartment; it was way past time to move. The challenge was that they loved their neighborhood and wanted to stay. Luck and persistence got them their first home in Mission Dolores, on a limited budget, multiple offers and about a year and half of trying.

My client would not leave her rent-controlled apartment unless she could buy in Noe Valley. I happened to know of a place that was on the market and not selling. Challenge was, for tax reasons, it had to close within eight days or it would not be sold. She loved the location, saw the value in two units for retirement planning and eight days later, owned her new home.

My client and I set out to search for the perfect location for her bookstore. Finding that opportunity on Clement Street, a one story, single unit building fit the bill exactly. Only problem, was I had to drag her kicking and screaming back into the building to visualize the opportunity! Now, remodeled and open, she can’t imagine being anywhere else.

My clients were all the tenants of a six unit building in the Upper Haight and they wanted to buy their building. Each tenant had their own strengths, some with income, some with available down payment. Not only did they increase the value of the building, they also qualified the building for the condo lottery, won on their first submission and converted shortly thereafter.

When my friends wanted to buy their first home together, they had a long list of wants. We found a home in the Lower Haight that might work, but the listing agent was not making showings easy. Driving by the home while on tour, we seized on the opportunity to crash a showing in progress! It was love at first sight and years later, they are still enjoying their home, along with a framed copy of their wish-list.

My clients poking around trying to find homes on their own, were getting beat out time after time. A crazy seller’s market and a very limited budget made it even worse. A property in Moss Beach fit their needs with one problem, it wasn’t finished. With the help of a great mortgage broker, and some flexibility, we were successful in the buyers closing on their new home!

I met my clients at an open house. They had been frustrated, working with an agent that was not listening to what they were looking for. In a very short time and educating them to different neighborhoods, my new clients found a wonderful home in Westwood Park to raise their family.

My client had given up, thinking his Mission Dolores condo had completed the foreclosure process. I contacted his lender to confirm and luckily the process had not gone through. I felt strongly that the property could be sold for more than was owed on it-saving the seller’s credit and giving him a few bucks, which we did with four purchase offers over-asking.